This blog was smuggled out of Guantanano Bay Prison by way of a 1 inch computer flash drive covered in Latex. It is proported to be written by Marc Stevens, an American ex-patriot imprisoned as an “enemy combatant”.

SInce prisoners are not allowed to have things like blogs, public forums or legal council of any kind, it’s unclear whether the text contained therein was transcribed, whether it was passed on in the oral tradition (much like the game “Telephone”), or if Marc Stevens has a tiny computer hidden in his prison cage that has WiFi.

What we do know from reading the garbled text, is that Marc Stevens believes he is innocent, and that it was really just a big misunderstanding that led him to that Patriot Act spit roast known japingly as “Camp X-Ray”

The U.S. Government denies his very existance.

This is his harrowing story.


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