New ‘murdered man’ album in March?

February is a short month crammed with two months worth of stuff. Here in Camp X-Ray we have double the interrogation, triple the physical discomfort and quadruple the psychological torture – and that’s just Valentines Day! Oh, I kid.

Heck it’s nothing. Not when you realize how many artists back in civilization are working their asses off making new CDs of original music in the month of February. Guess how many recording studios there are here Guantanamo Bay Prison? None. Nada. Prisoners on DEATH ROW in the US get recording studios, but just because these people think I’m a terrorist (I’m not), they’re like “no recording studio for you.” Is it fair? Of course it isn’t. But after four and half years of waterboarding you begin to ask yourself, “what is fair?”

“All’s fair in love and war”is a proverb in the public domain, at least I hope so. I don’t want to get sued by Proverb Inc. If I had access to a library I would look it up. All I have is a slow wifi computer that I traded for a promissory note of 9000 backrubs. So bear with me. I thnk it means that it’s okay to cheat as long as you’re a) fucking somebody or b) killing large groups of people. Cheating is down on the list. It almost doesn’t matter in the context of the kill/fuck paradigm.

Babies are born and people die. Bloggers who wanted to see what Afghanistan was like languish in steel cages in Git-Mo and the singer sings his song.

He sings it all night long.

Trying to figure out what the deal is with this crazy human race we find ourselves a part of, the singer bares his soul onto a hard drive via some brand of computer software the let’s him/her “sequence” the music in a way we can all enjoy.

But the music won’t exist until the end of February.

I wonder if I’ll exist until the end of February.


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