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Going To The Black Site

Posted in Announcements on August 24, 2007 by G Lopez

Certain words and snippits of conversations going around have given me the impression that the people in my cage (including me) are all being transfered to something called a “Black Site.” Call me a Nervous Nellie, but I just don’t like the ring of it.


Bong Hitz 4 Jesus: The Musical

Posted in music on August 23, 2007 by G Lopez

Man did you listen to that new song Bong Hitz 4 Jesus? You can scroll down a bit and you’ll see it in the right sidebar. Just click on it and you can hear the latest hit by Murdered Man.

I’m Coming Back, I Swear

Posted in Announcements on August 23, 2007 by G Lopez

Here in the military prison in Guantanamo Bay we have a saying, or question rather: “How’s that working out for you?” The inference being that “it” clearly is not working out and that you are in fact delusional. Like suppose you announce to your cage-mates, “I finally spoke to an attorney,” the smart alec in the cage catty-corner to yours, who knows as do we all, that all hope is gone, will most likely ask rhetorically and with a smarmy inflection, “How’s that working out for you?” Emphasis on the word “out.”

Such was the case whenever I mentioned starting the first blog from Camp X-Ray, and darn it, wouldn’t you know, my disregarded and disparaged.

Well in a way they were right. The loneliness and despair of being locked up indefinitely for a crime I did not commit