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Posted in Press Release on August 21, 2006 by G Lopez

Talk about a facinating subject for a one act play. Do I remember those ads in the backs of newspapers? Do they still have them? Is my memory fading? Are there still newspapers? These kinds of thought spring through a man’s head when he reads a press release for a really amazing play that he can’t see because he’s locked up at Gitmo. Fuck I hate it here!



“Soundsville!” penetrates Hollywood’s shady demo recording industry of the not-too-distant past, with stories of businesses that operated in the gray-area of mail fraud by soliciting poems from everyday people, via tiny ads in the back of magazines.

Aspiring lyricists were flattered by the companies’ “expert appraisal” and subsequently hooked into recording fees with unfulfilled promises of career momentum.

Few heard the actual songs. However, today’s cognoscenti have rightfully praised the work of the cash-hungry musicians who recorded dozens of these fascinating musical snapshots of days gone by per session.

Soundsville is a place where session men lay tracks to their doom and poets and singers find that their recording fees pale in comparison to the many personal tolls of self-delusion.
George Liberace

The play previews two Saturdays: August 5th and 19th at 10pm at the IO-West, in the Andy Dick Black Box – 6366 Hollywood Blvd.